• IT architecture:
    Cutting costs and complexity
  • IT cost reduction:
    new technologies
    to reduce cost and gain agility
  • Light 3fb058cc8af6cea9fa5ea6b35ee11bb823e66830dc0d27a6df3103038ffeb1ba
    Simplify and modernize
    the IT architecture
    to achieve substantial and
    sustainable cost reductions

Our focus is at reducing OPEX in each of the 5 major segments of application costs:
hardware, software, IT operations personnel costs, application and maintenance, and hosting (facilities).

z/OS Off-loading

OPEX: -70%
Payback: 3 month

Save money by moving your development and test on intel platforms.

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Opensource Migration

OPEX: -80%
Payback: variable

Reduce or Eliminate licence cost by moving your application onto Opensource servers.

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Mainframe Migration

OPEX: -90%
Payback: 12 month

Save money by terminating your mainframe while modernizing your information system.

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ADM Optimization

OPEX: -30%
Payback: 12 month

Improve your Application development and maintenance costs leveraging Devops and Cloud.

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